Welcome to our gallery page! This is a place to view Dexter pictures etc. sent in by members of The East Anglian Dexter Group.

Members: We are looking for pictures that are fun, unusual or artistic. If you have a photo you'd like to submit, please send it to


Driftside Pipit (left) owned by the Brookes Family with her new admirer!
14 yr old Galehill Filo and her 11th calf! Calf by Sarem Bullrush, owned by Joan Angel.
Our fabulous group stand from the Suffolk Show 2017, beautifully set up and manned by Kelvin and Lottie James.
Welcome to the world little Dexter! Owned by Richard Hirson
The Clobell Herd, overall winner of the 2015 & 2017 East Anglian Group herd competition!
Multumin Parvo Hugo owned by Derek and Dawn Eagle. Best senior stock bull of the East Anglian Group herd competition 2017.
A two week old, dun coloured Dexter calf.
The Tannslane Herd pictured from the group visit on the 1st of October 2017
Derek Eagle winning the award for most showing points at the 2017/18 AGM
Dexters belonging to Richard Hirson. "We can't go out there, we'll get dirty!"
Sedgefen Black Prince, Breed Champion at the Suffolk Show 2018
Our group stand from the Norfolk Show 2017. Set up and manned by Kelvin and Lottie James
Clobell Bramble - Breed champion at the Royal Norfolk National Dexter Show 2018
Breed information at our Royal Norfolk Show stand
A beautiful handcrafted flower box from our Royal Norfolk Show stand, made by Kelvin James
Picture boards from the Royal Norfolk Show representing historic Dexter Cattle
Breakfast please!!